Enterprise DNA Scholarship Program Updates

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During this extraordinary time, where there is a lot of uncertainty around business and economic activity, we, at Enterprise DNA have decided to re-vamp our Scholarship Program. 

You can learn more and apply for a Scholarship at the link below. 

Enterprise DNA Scholarship Program 

We want to make sure that anyone impacted by this global crisis has the opportunity to still gain access to our world class education platform. 

Our mission is to impact every Power BI user around the world, and we want to make sure we make our world class content and resources available to everyone who desires it. 

We’ve made some small adjustments to the Scholarship tiers, and we now have clearer requirements for eligibility and for obtaining a particular level of scholarship. 

We still have three tiers which you can submit an application for: a full, three-quarter, or half scholarship. 

We want to make sure that those enrolling into our program for scholarships get the most out of this opportunity, so we have set the requirements at each different tier. 

These action points are there to make sure that we are not just giving away our valuable training, without the accountability of creating a lasting impact. 

 Certainly, I feel that even though the world seems very uncertain now, at the end of this, Power BI skills will still be some of the most valued in the employment marketplace. 

The ability to analyse and comprehend the vast amounts of data available to any business is just going to become more and more important. 

With the scholarship program, we hope that we can impact those who may not have upgraded to our membership community otherwise. 

If you feel that applying for a scholarship is something you’d like to do, please check out the link below. 

Enterprise DNA Scholarship Program  

If you have any questions on this at all, don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to make sure that we are doing our best to accommodate anyone during this unprecedented time. 



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