Datasets for Projects: Top 20 Free Datasets for Data Science

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Data is at the heart of every great project. Whether analyzing customer trends or training a machine learning model, you need quality data to make decisions and drive insights.

Datasets are essentially collections of data that are used in various types of projects. They can be used in machine learning and data analysis projects and other types of projects where data is required to inform decision-making or drive progress toward project goals.

In this article, we’re going to share 20 incredible datasets that are perfect for kick-starting your next project. These datasets cover various topics and all are sourced from reputable sources.

Additionally, these datasets are free!

So, let’s dive in and start exploring these fantastic data resources.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Dataset?

dataset for projects

There are 5 essential things to consider when choosing a dataset for your next data science project:

  1. Relevance to Your Field of Interest: It is always easier to analyze a dataset you are interested in. So, look for datasets connected to an area you are passionate about.

  2. Data Quality: Consider the quality of the data you are working with. Look for accurate, relevant, and complete datasets.

  3. Availability of Data: Some datasets are more accessible to obtain and use than others. Look for datasets that are easily accessible and well-documented.

  4. Data Size: The size of your chosen dataset can also affect your project. Large datasets may require more computational resources to analyze, while smaller datasets may not provide enough information for a meaningful analysis.

  5. Scope of Analysis: Determine the questions you want to answer with your analysis and ensure the dataset contains the necessary information.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what to look for when choosing a dataset let’s check out 20 incredible datasets.

The 20 Best Datasets for Projects

These datasets have been curated to include diverse topics, and the best part? They are free to use.

Let’s dig into these datasets!

1. US Oil and Gas Production

oil and gas fields provide great data processing projects

Why Should You Choose “The US Oil and Gas Production Dataset” for Your Next Project?

This dataset is perfect for practicing data wrangling and data visualization due to its large size and diverse range of energy production points available.

The dataset offers a real-world context for exploring the relationship between geographic location, population density, and oil and gas usage.

Scan to examine data at a macro level (state-level oil production) and a micro level (well-specific data, including their API numbers for identification).

Moving on to the Yelp Business Dataset, an ideal choice for improving querying capabilities and sentiment analysis.

2. Yelp Business Dataset

yelp provides public datasets about different stores

Why Should You Choose “The Yelp Business Dataset Dataset” for Your Next Project?

A vast number of businesses are present in this dataset. This enables you to examine different business types, such as shopping, health, nightlight, arts, and entertainment, which is especially useful for sentiment analysis in other industries.

This dataset is perfect for those looking to improve their querying capabilities due to the wide use of SQL in data extraction.

It provides you with a glance at the quality of businesses surveyed by giving specific ratings and customer responses.

Let’s move on to the Canadian Ice Service Dataset, perfect for training machine learning models for detecting ice patterns.

3. Canadian Ice Service Integrated Ice Chart Data

canadian ice dataset perfect for typical data visualization project

Why Should You Choose “The Canadian Ice Service Integrated Ice Chart Data Dataset” for Your Next Project?

The dataset is perfect for training a machine learning model specifically designed to detect patterns in physical features, e.g., ice formations.

It offers an extensive history of ice distribution, making it easy to identify climate patterns and trends.

By examining the spatial data of ice and glaciers, you can predict future trends and large-scale changes in glacial dynamics.

Now, let’s delve into the Daily Historical Stock Prices dataset, a valuable resource for time-series financial data analysis.

4. Daily Historical Stock Prices (1970 – 2018)

hisorical data sets to measure global development

Why Should You Choose “The Daily Historical Stock Prices(1970 – 2018) Dataset” for Your Next Project?

The dataset provides historical stock prices for companies across multiple global exchanges.

Perfect for machine learning and time-series data analysis, specifically when examining the effect of specific events (like mergers or new products) on stock prices.

This is an excellent dataset for exploring financial market trends, company performance metrics, and stock market volatility.

Moving on to the airline dataset, which encompasses the entire data science lifecycle and is ideal for analyzing flight punctuality.

5. Airlines Dataset

airline data provides a wealth of public data

Why Should You Choose “The Airlines Dataset Dataset” for Your Next Project?

This dataset is a perfect example of data encompassing the entire data science life cycle–from data cleaning to data visualization and exploratory data analysis.

The expansive nature of the dataset ensures there are multiple sources and types of data for analysis, such as airports, routes, and plane data.

The dataset is perfect for analyzing how on-time and delayed flights are distributed across different airlines within the United States.

Next up, let’s transition to the Social Network dataset, offering insights into social media patterns and connections.

6. Social Network

social networks provide a survey data and data

Why Should You Choose “The Social Network Dataset” for Your Next Project?

This dataset provides insights into social media’s social patterns and connections, allowing you to discover how information is spread and how influencers are identified.

You can train your modeling and network analysis skills by examining the network structure, degrees, in-degree, and out-degree.

It’s also perfect for running centrality analysis–this analysis can deeply understand each vertex (person/node) ‘s influence within a network.

Now, let’s explore the Kaggle Rotten Tomatoes Dataset, which is perfect for sentiment analysis and recommendations.

7. Kaggle Rotten Tomatoes Dataset

film datasets are great free data sets to analzue

Why Should You Choose “The Kaggle Rotten Tomatoes Dataset” for Your Next Project?

The sentiment analysis involved with this dataset helps you explore natural language processing concepts, such as analyzing movie reviews and public sentiment.

By analyzing the genres and ratings of the movies, you can make recommendations and predict future preferences in movie genres.

It’s perfect for practicing feature engineering (combining data features to make new features).

Moving on to the WhatsApp Chat Data, enabling us to understand NLP and user interaction patterns within chats.

8. WhatsApp Chat Data

chat data and data related to conversations can be analyzed for sentiment

Why Should You Choose “The WhatsApp Chat Dataset” for Your Next Project?

The analysis of this dataset enables you to understand the power of NLP and machine learning techniques within chatbots and sentiment analysis.

You can identify, extract, and analyze time-series data by examining how messages are distributed throughout the cion.

Perfect for exploring the data analysis of user interaction patterns within a natural setting.

Let’s move on to Chicago Crime Data, which provides an opportunity to forecast criminal activity and examine crime patterns.

9. Chicago Crime Data

a visualization of data points showing chicago crime

Why Should You Choose “The Chicago Crime Dataset” for Your Next Project?

The dataset has various crime data, including crime types and dates. It provides an excellent opportunity to forecast criminal activity and examine how crimes are distributed over time.

It is perfect for machine learning to understand the crime rate in Chicago and provide critical insights and predictions based on historical data.

Ideal for those interested in exploring urban crime patterns and identifying potential causes and solutions.

Now, let’s investigate the Yahoo Answer Data, which is ideal for exploring user behavior in Q&A platforms.

10. Yahoo Answer Data

yahoo answers is perfect for social studies into mindsets of indiviudals

Why Should You Choose “The Yahoo Answer Dataset” for Your Next Project?

Ideal for those interested in exploring the behavior of users of online Q&A platforms. It includes user search queries, answers, and other valuable metadata.

Due to the wide variety of user types, this dataset is well-suited to topic modeling and understanding how user-generated content is organized and managed.

It is perfect for practicing content-based recommendation and personalization, providing insights, and informing users about relevant content based on their preferences.

Shifting our focus to the Global Ocean Currents Data is invaluable for oceanographers and climate scientists.

11. Global Ocean Currents Data

Climate data analysis on the earths global ocean currents

Why Should You Choose “The Global Ocean Currents Dataset” for Your Next Project?

Ideal for oceanographers and climate scientists, this dataset provides comprehensive data on ocean currents and temperatures worldwide.

It’s invaluable for studying marine ecosystems, the impact of global warming on ocean currents, and long-term climate patterns.

The extensive coverage makes it a crucial resource for environmental research and policy-making.

Transitioning to the Historical Earthquake Data, a treasure trove for seismologists and geologists.

12. Historical Earthquake Data

historical geography related datasets for exploring the past

Why Should You Choose “The Historical Earthquake Dataset” for Your Next Project?

This dataset is a treasure trove for seismologists and geologists, offering detailed records of earthquakes over decades.

It includes data on earthquake magnitudes, epicenters, and depths, facilitating the study of seismic activity patterns, tectonic movements, and earthquake prediction methods.

It’s also instrumental in designing earthquake-resistant structures and urban planning.

Moving on to the Global Air Quality Index Data, essential for environmental scientists and policymakers.

13. Global Air Quality Index Data

global air index to visualize data

Why Should You Choose “The Global Air Quality Index Dataset” for Your Next Project?

Essential for environmental scientists and policymakers, this dataset provides real-time and historical data on air quality indices from various locations worldwide.

It includes measurements of PM2.5, PM10, NO2, and O3. This dataset is crucial for tracking pollution trends, studying the health impacts of air quality, and shaping environmental policies.

Now, let’s explore the National Library Catalogs dataset, which is perfect for researchers and bibliophiles.

14. National Library Catalogs

National library catalogs provide many interesting data sets

Why Should You Choose “The National Library Catalogs Dataset” for Your Next Project?

Perfect for bibliophiles, researchers, and librarians, this dataset encompasses comprehensive catalog records from national libraries worldwide.

It offers insights into book collections, authorship trends, and publication histories.

It’s invaluable for literary research, historical studies, and the development of digital library technologies.

Transitioning to the Global Wildlife Migration Patterns, offering insights into animal behaviors and climate impacts.

15. Global Wildlife Migration Patterns

wildlife migrations data fo interesting machine learning projects

Why Should You Choose “The Global Wildlife Migration Patterns Dataset” for Your Next Project?

This dataset is indispensable for biologists and conservationists, providing extensive data on wildlife migration patterns across continents.

It helps understand animal behaviors, habitat requirements, and the impacts of climate change and human activities on wildlife. The dataset is also critical for conservation efforts and biodiversity studies.

The International Shipping and Maritime Data is essential for economists and maritime researchers.

16. International Shipping and Maritime Data

data scientists study historical shipping route info

Why Should You Choose “The International Shipping and Maritime Dataset” for Your Next Project?

Essential for economists and maritime researchers, this dataset includes detailed information on global shipping routes, marine traffic, and port activities.

It’s invaluable for analyzing global trade patterns, shipping efficiency, and maritime safety protocols.

Now, let’s delve into the Worldwide Patent Database, ideal for innovators and researchers.

17. Worldwide Patent Database

worldwide patent database data set storage

Why Should You Choose “The Worldwide Patent Database” Dataset for Your Next Project?

This dataset is ideal for innovators, researchers, and legal professionals who want to gain insights into technological advancements, innovation trends, and intellectual property rights.

It’s also essential for competitive analysis and R&D decision-making. This dataset lets you stay up-to-date on the latest patent information and make informed decisions.

Let’s transition to the national nutrition and dietary data, a treasure trove for nutritionists and health policymakers.

18. International Nutrition and Dietary Data

nutritional healthcare data for data science enthusiasts

Why Should You Choose “The International Nutrition and Dietary Data” Dataset for Your Next Project?

This dataset is a treasure trove for nutritionists, health policymakers, and researchers. It offers extensive data on dietary habits, nutritional values, and food consumption patterns worldwide.

This data is crucial for studying public health trends, developing dietary guidelines, and addressing malnutrition and obesity issues.

Whether you’re interested in improving global health or conducting nutrition research, this dataset is invaluable.

The Historical Artifacts and Archaeology Data is perfect for historians and archaeologists.

19. Historical Artifacts and Archaeology Data

historical aritifacts data sets for archeology lovers

Why Should You Choose The “Historical Artifacts and Archaeology Data” Dataset for Your Next Project?

This dataset is perfect for historians, archaeologists, and cultural researchers. It contains detailed records of historical artifacts, excavation sites, and archaeological findings.

Using this dataset, you can gain insights into human history, cultural evolution, and ancient civilizations. It is invaluable for educational purposes, museum collections, and cultural preservation.

For our final example, look at the Global Renewable Energy Projects Data, a goldmine for environmentalists and energy researchers.

20. Global Renewable Energy Projects Data

renewable energy datasets for studying climat change

Why Should You Choose “The Global Renewable Energy Projects Data” Dataset for Your Next Project?

Look no further. This dataset is a goldmine for environmentalists, energy researchers, and policymakers, as it provides comprehensive information on renewable energy projects worldwide, including solar, wind, hydro, and biomass.

It can help you analyze sustainable energy trends, evaluate renewable energy sources’ efficiency, and shape global energy policies.

So, why not choose this dataset for your next project and significantly contribute to the renewable energy sector?

Finally, let’s conclude by reflecting on some key take-aways.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts on datasets for projects

In a world increasingly driven by data, having access to high-quality datasets is essential for anyone looking to delve into data science projects.

The datasets we’ve highlighted span various topics, from environmental studies and global trade to social media analysis and public health. They are diverse in subject matter and rich in the quality and depth of information they provide.

What makes these datasets particularly appealing is their accessibility. They are freely available, making them a fantastic resource for students, researchers, and professionals.

So, whether you’re a seasoned data scientist or just starting, these datasets offer a wealth of opportunities to hone your data analysis, visualization, and machine learning skills.

The key to a successful project lies in choosing a suitable dataset. It should align with your interests and the questions you seek to answer.

Consider the dataset’s scope, size, and the quality of data. These factors will significantly influence your project’s direction and the insights you can derive.

Do you want to learn more about utilizing AI in modern data analyzing tools? Check out this great video on the EnterpriseDNA YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will review frequently asked questions associated with choosing datasets for data science projects.

How can I ensure the data I choose is accurate and reliable?

Verifying the source and methodology of data collection is essential to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your chosen dataset. You can also cross-reference the data with other reputable sources and perform data cleaning and validation processes.

What are some popular sources for finding datasets?

Some popular sources for finding datasets include government agencies, research institutions, academic journals, and online platforms such as Kaggle, UCI Machine Learning Repository, and

What Should I Include in My Data Science Portfolio?

Include a variety of projects demonstrating your skills in data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. Showcase projects that involve different types of data and methodologies.

How Can I Make My Data Science Portfolio Stand Out?

Personalize your portfolio with unique projects or analyses. Incorporate interactive elements or visualizations, and clearly explain your process and findings.

Where Can I Find Free Datasets for My Projects?

Websites like Kaggle, UCI Machine Learning Repository, and Google Dataset Search are excellent sources for free datasets across various domains.

What Are Some Popular Free Datasets for Beginners?

Beginners can start with datasets like Iris, TitanSurvivalval, or Boston Housing from repositories like Kaggle or UCI.

How Can I Engage with the Data Science Community?

Join online forums, attend webinars and workshops, participate in hackathons, and contribute to open-source projects.

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