Course Completion Certificates Now Available At Enterprise DNA Online


The Enterprise DNA Team has been working hard to deliver a brand-new certificate offering for those working through our education content at Enterprise DNA Online

We now have the ability to create and issue course module completion certificates on any course that you might work through at the online education portal. 

Check out below how we’ve created these certificates, and how they would look like with your name on them. 

certificate sample.png

These course completion certificates can be issued and obtained on any course module that’s been created. Including the free ultimate beginner guide courses that we make available on the portal. 

But this also includes the more intermediate to advanced courses that you can gain access to individually or obviously through our membership offering also. 

You can get these certificates in digital form which is perfect for promoting on social media and various other digital forums. You can also download and print them from a PDF document. 

This is a significant upgrade to what we’re doing and offering at Enterprise DNA Online and took a great deal of work for our team to implement across every single course module. 

It’s a great addition though and enables anyone who has enrolled in the platform and is utilising the content provided by Enterprise DNA an opportunity to showcase the high-quality education they are pursuing. 

You’re also welcome to highlight your achievements in anyway you like based on the course and educational content we provide. You’re welcome to place these on CVs, LinkedIn, other social media and more. We welcome any of this activity. 

Obviously, not to forget, we still do have our gold standard Enterprise DNA Certification. This will not change and our certification continues to be the highest level of recognition that we can give anyone who is utilising our platform. The certification is not easy to obtain, you can see that by the small number of members who have actually gone on to achieve this. 

Look forward to seeing more course completion certificates across the web universe! 

Congratulations to all those who have achieved a certificate and looking forward to your feedback around this great initiative that we have been working on. 

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6 comments on “Course Completion Certificates Now Available At Enterprise DNA Online”

  1. Hey Sam, there seems to be a problem with regards to the course completion certificates. I have started receiving notification via email that I have successfully completed courses for which I have even started yet. Thought I’d let you know. I wouldn’t want the integrity of these certificates be compromised.

  2. Hi, just wanted to know how to download the certificates, I took the online trainings you provide, which are excellent and wanted to get the certificates to provide them to my superiors at work.

    1. Hi Cynthia, we’ve made some updates on the blog and included the steps on how you can generate your certificates. To download, you just need to click on the “Download” button at the bottom of the certificate. This will generate a pdf version.

  3. Hello Sam, I am trying to get, without any success, the certificates for the courses I completed before the ‘course completion certificates’ were announced. Even if I go to the latest lecture and click ‘complete and continue’ nothing is generated, can you please help? thanks a lot

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