Check Out Our Re-Imagined DAX Formula Reference Guide

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We’ve been working on a huge project at Enterprise DNA. We’ve deeply thought about and then re-imagined how you could create a better DAX formula guide

And we have finally completed it and ready to release it to all those connected to Enterprise DNA. 

You can find the DAX guide within our Knowledge Base. Please check out the link below to navigate straight to it. 

DAX Reference Guide

With our new DAX guide we have incorporated many things that we think will assist anyone looking to understand how a formula works and operates within Power BI. 

We have taken a slightly different approach to explaining how formulas work, by creating very practical summaries that are easy to digest and understand. 

We also have broken concepts down into small chunks so you can really drill into; how a function needs to be structured, the theory of how the function operates, and then how you can practically use it within a piece of development work you are working on with Power BI. 

We’ve also added audio files to every single DAX function page. Now you can listen into a description of how each formula works. One recommendation with the audio is to listen to them many times over, you’ll find it’s almost like being in a live training session. 

We’ve taken things even further with the guide, by providing comprehensive links to all relevant content throughout all of our Enterprise DNA content properties. For every DAX formula you’ll be able to find links to our blog, to our YouTube channel, and to relevant forum threads, where you can see practical solutions utilising the very functions you’re trying to learn about. 

So these are the key updates we’ve made to our DAX Guide. We think that with this reimagination, learning and understanding specific DAX functions should be more achievable to a wider audience of business intelligence novices (and experts) looking to learn and master Power BI. 

All of this is also completely free, we’ve spent a lot of time, effort and resources to make this happen and are also continuing to improve it all the time. We are committed to empowering all Power BI users around the world and we think that this will be a great tool to achieve this. 

You can find all of this great work by our team at the link below. 

Really looking forward to hearing your feedback on this in the near future, and I hope that you can get a lot out of this new resource that we are releasing through Enterprise DNA. 



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