Announcing Our New Community Feature – Enterprise DNA Ecosystems

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Today we are officially releasing our new and exciting feature for Enterprise DNA Members – Ecosystems 

What are the Enterprise DNA Ecosystems? 

Not long ago we saw a comment from a member wanting to be able to connect with other members in a similar industry and it really got us thinking. Could we facilitate this somehow? 

The idea of creating a centralised location where talented Power BI users and analyst could connect with others in similar industries or business functions, was something that we thought could create significant value for those who are closely connected into Enterprise DNA. 

After a lot of research around what functionality would be required to make this happen. We have been able to implement this feature directly into our website and also have this linked into our already widely used Enterprise DNA Support Forum

Anyone with access to the forum and with a current login is able to join specific Ecosystems. They could be relevant to your industry or even just aligned to your current job role. There are no restrictions on which Ecosystems you could join, so it can also just be an interest of yours. 

The idea and strategy behind this new offering is so that members can connect directly with like-minded Power BI users and enable more cross-collaboration efforts in niche Power BI topics. 

Why our ecosystems can create significant value for our members? 

We are doing everything we can to not only support our members with their Power BI education but also in developing a rich community that can work together to empower each other to an even higher level of competency with Power BI. 

We already enabled this comprehensively via our group of Enterprise DNA Experts. But now you can also connect with other members directly in your industry and/or a business function. 

So, if you have very specific requirements around your data model or your DAX measures then you have the ability to discuss this with users who are likely facing very similar scenarios as you. 

There are so many talented Power BI users who have been members for a very long time now, therefore there is a large amount of expertise and experience to leverage off to really master all the different aspects of Power BI and how it can be used in different environments. 

By understanding who also is dealing with similar analytical scenarios, you can directly reach out and even link up in different ways. Potentially even creating more offline, live discussion around developments that you might be working on. 

At Enterprise DNA we also are looking at potentially facilitating these types of meetups or events as the usage of the Ecosystems functionality grows. 

Hopefully, you’re as excited about the Ecosystems as we are, we think these are a huge addition to the offering at Enterprise DNA

We certainly aren’t done just there. We want to continue to facilitate the most valuable community of Power BI users around the world and will be listening to feedback and seeing how the engagement evolves around the Ecosystems. Then we will make further moves to enhance the user experience when it makes sense to. 


Enterprise DNA team

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