Discover The INTERSECT Function In DAX And How To Utilize It - Power BI Tutorial

Discover The INTERSECT Function In DAX And How To Utilize It – Power BI Tutorial

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The INTERSECT function in Power BI is an advanced table function and to understand how it works, you will want to get much better at understanding virtual tables.

Virtual tables are a key concept when utilizing DAX measures within Power BI. What the INTERSECT function does specifically is that it allows you to – within a measure – compare one virtual table to another virtual table. And then finally return a table of results that appear in both versions of these two virtual tables.

When you understand how you can utilize this function, your mind will likely explode at the potential to run some very advanced logic quite seamlessly.

In the particular example that I run through, I showcase a really unique insight that you can discover using the INTERSECT function. This particular insight can be re-used in many different ways especially if you are working with some customer data, with an aim to understand your customers better.

As mentioned earlier, this is a table function, and it can be used in many different ways.

The focus with this tutorial is for you to see how you can utilize it in a measure and in various ways within a measure. That’s how I think this can be used in a very efficient way to run some exceptionally compelling analysis.

Good luck diving into this advanced Power BI tutorial.


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