How To Understand Virtual Tables Inside Iterating Function In Power BI - DAX Concepts

How To Understand Virtual Tables Inside Iterating Functions In Power BI – DAX Concepts


I’m going to cover a very interesting topic around virtual tables, and how you can utilize them in Power BI within iterating functions.

If you didn’t know it yet virtual tables are the essential ingredient to creating advanced logic inside of Power BI. A lot of the power of these virtual tables comes when you utilize them with many iterating functions that are available to us.

These iterating functions I’m talking about here are SUMX, AVERAGEX or the many other derivatives of the X formulas you can use inside of Power BI.

In the tutorial, I go into some of the thought processes that I recommend for understanding how these work in combination.

You have to really understand ‘context’ and then how the combination of these DAX measures all work together within that particular context.

If you can understand this well you will start to see that there is really nothing from an analytical perspective that you cannot discover when utilizing Power BI and DAX measures very well.

Another function I also cover is the FILTER function. The FILTER function, interestingly enough is also an iterating function. It’s slightly different to the ‘X’ DAX functions in that it is actually a table function/formula.

This is a really good tutorial to review in depth. I feel if you can get your mind around this quickly some light bulbs will likely go off and you’ll realize, wow this is actually some pretty cool stuff from an analytical perspective.

Good luck with this one.

If you want to learn more about combining multiple DAX functions together for optimal effect, then check out the Advanced DAX Combinations module at Enterprise DNA Online.


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