Creating Dynamic Ranking Tables Using RANKX In Power BI

Creating Dynamic Ranking Tables Using RANKX In Power BI


I really like using this unique technique inside of Power BI to create dynamic ranking tables.

What do I mean by Dynamic Ranking Tables?

Dynamic tables showcase a range of information dynamically in a table, but the information that are showing are based off a specific ranking on a singular calculation.

In this particular example, I want to change the shape of the table based on the ranking of a specific result.

We may only want to look at the top ten customers, based on sales, across a range of others metrics, like profits, margin, growth etc. The key here though is we only want the top 10 based on sales, nothing else. We also want this table to always update after any change of context to the report page.

There is no way to natively do this inside of Power BI. You need to implement advanced DAX formulas using the RANKX function.

When you set this all up inside of Power BI, you’ll see that it is a really compelling way to drill into your top results. Or on the flip side, you can also show the bottom results and sometimes that’s all we may want to focus in on.

This is a great way to incorporate a number of different measure and visualization techniques to create some compelling reports that your consumers are going to love.

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