How to Calculate The Number of Transactions Made in the Last N Days – Power BI Using DAX

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Sometimes with your analysis in Power BI you may want to know how many transactions have occurred over a particular period of time.

In this particular tutorial, I’ll show you exactly how you can calculate transactions within a given period of days. 

Analyzing the transactional frequency could be crucial for a business.  Especially if you are a high-frequency retailer or running an online company. Insights such as this can really drive many actions and decisions around many aspects of a business including marketing, inventory or financial initiatives.

In this example,  we will run through calculating transactions done in the last 60 days. Remember while reviewing doesn’t always have to be transactions, it could be sales, costs or profits that could be reviewed using the same exact technique I showcase.

This tutorial covers a highly-quality piece of analytical work that can be efficiently executed inside of Power BI and explains how you can use the technique in your promotional or marketing activities.

The technique can be used in so many different ways in the right environment. If you can expand your mind around how you can incorporate this in your reports then, you’ll be developing high-quality work that your consumers and organization are going to value.

To learn even more advanced analytical techniques for Power BI, check out the module link below from Enterprise DNA Online.

Advanced Analytics in Power BI 

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