Threshold Trigger Examples To Use Within Power BI Using DAX Formulas

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In this tutorial I am going to run through a great analytical concept you can utilize in Power BI called Threshold Triggers.

With this concept in Power BI you can set certain thresholds or certain trigger points via a supporting table in your data model.

Once you’ve added this supporting table and it’s inputs you can then run logic through the table and over these thresholds, then assess whether your results are above or below any particular threshold.

For advanced analytics in Power BI, setting threshold triggers is a really powerful technique.

Think deeply about some of the applications for this analysis. A really great one is for insurance and banking with credit risk scenarios, or any other risk type scenarios.

There are so many applications where you may want to check off a number of different thresholds for certain variables or certain results in your data and then try to visualize the ones that meet set overall thresholds.

They might be outliers, they might be elements in your data that you really need to showcase or you need to focus on.

I’ll walk you through all the advanced techniques you need to implement in Power BI to make this work. I cover aspects of DAX formulas, the data model and then show you how you can visualize the results in a really effective way.

For more examples of advanced analytical techniques you can use in Power BI certainly check out this module with Enterprise DNA Online. So many techniques showcased and reviewed in just this one module. You’ll be amazed at what insights you can discover about your data and how quickly you can find them.

Advanced Analytics In Power BI

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