Average Results Per Month – DAX & Power BI Analysis Technique

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In this video tutorial, I dive into some procurement & purchasing type analysis that you can do with Power BI.

Specifically, we’re going to look at the average monthly purchases a business may be making.

I run through what DAX formula combination you need to be able to calculate averages at a monthly context. I also show you how you can combine these formulas or functions with the data model. By doing this effectively you can really quickly extract information across a range of different dimensions.

Whether you want to analyze your monthly purchases by division,  region or according to each manager, all of this is possible with Power BI in an effective and efficient way.

You don’t need to write different formulas to do it.

What you can do is leverage off the data model that you’ve built for a procurement type scenario. Very quickly bring in different elements or different dimensions from these various tables that you have in your data model and overlay them with the formulas that you have created.

Additionally,  you can branch out even further from that. For instance, you can analyze the difference in purchasing over time for any of these different dimensions in you data. You can include many time comparisons and time intelligence type techniques to the analysis as well.

I have run through all of the steps indicated above in this tutorial. If this is a relevant scenario for you, I’m very confident you will learn a lot about how Power BI can be used to optimize decisions around these sort of purchasing scenarios.

To learn a lot more advanced time related calculations you can complete in Power BI, definitely check out the Time Intelligence Calculations module at Enterprise DNA Online.

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