Month On Month Change For Custom Calendars In Power BI – 445 Calendars

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This video tutorial is all about how you can run time intelligence calculations over custom calendars in Power BI.

This is really relevant to those who deal with 445 calendars which is a very common scenario for Power BI users.

Not all business out there work to a standard calendar around financial years or calendar years. Sometimes all you have to work with is a customized 445 calendar. In this tutorial I explain how you can start solving some of the time intelligence type analysis in Power BI with these custom calendars.

Unfortunately, you can’t utilize the built-in time intelligence features in the DAX language. They only work with standard calendars.

In this particular tutorial, I will show you how to work out month on month change.

The techniques I run through also enable you, with some minor formula adjustments, to work out a week on week, quarter on quarter, or similar calculations of that nature.

Definitely review these formulas in-depth. There’s a little bit more to them, it’s just unfortunately not as easy as the time intelligence calculations for standard calendars.

The good news is that if you can understand how to implement these techniques, then doing any time comparison work within Power BI  will become much easier for you, especially if you have to deal with more customized calendars in your own datasets.

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