Customer Trend Analysis in Power BI Using DAX


We’re really going to use Power BI as an analytical tool today. We’re going to work out how we can find our customers that are purchasing behind trend.

You will want to know this so you can keep a really close eye on how our customers’ purchases are going. We know that our top customers are going to bring the most of our profits, so we need to make sure that they are purchasing as they should be, based on historical trends.

We can analyse these insights really effectively in Power BI. I’m going to show you how you can do it by combining many techniques, not only with the data model, but more specifically with DAX formula.

By combining techniques here you should be able to work out which customers are purchasing behind trend – in real-time or for any time frame which you specify.

Let’s have a think about the follow-up actions that could occur from diving into this insight. We could inform the sales representative or regional manager that we should be going out and meeting these clients, we should be communicating with them, we should be offering them promotions.

By doing all this we will be managing the effectiveness of our sales cycle and our selling strategies out there in the market.

Power BI is an incredible analytics tool that enables you to put some great analysis like this together in a relatively efficient way.

Dive in and have a look at how you can do this, and then try and visualize how you can actually implement this with your own data, in your own models. This will add a lot of value to your organization.

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