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New On Power BI Showcase – Waste Management

by | 7:32 pm EST | February 04, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI Showcase

Power BI is such a dynamic tool that it can be used across different industries and applications. This is why we continue to expand our Power BI Showcase, which contains different reports and dashboards that you can download. Each report is applicable to specific real-life scenarios that can be applied to your specific field, allowing you to practice applying whatever you’ve learned from our learning portal and from the Enterprise DNA Forum so far.

Power BI Showcase

We’ve added three new downloadable reports to our showcase. This time, we have three reports covering waste management. One talks about currency conversion within a waste management system, the second one is about profitability, and the third gives an overview of the waste management process in the scenario.

Currency Conversion

In today’s global setup, businesses around the world can easily transact with one another at a lower cost than ever before. This includes waste management services.

But dealing with clients around the globe also means dealing with different currencies. That’s what makes this report convenient to use in these cases.

The report opens up with an overview of the Top Worst Margin By Product and the Top Worst Margin By Account Manager. And because this is a report that’s currency-friendly, there are filters on the upper right corner for EUR, GBP and USD.

You’ll also notice a downward arrow below the heading.

Once you click on that arrow, the figures for the total margin, as well as for costs, sales and transport, replaces the chart. Using the filters on the upper right, you can easily change the currency by which these margins are computed.

There are additional filters on the upper left as well, allowing you to choose account managers, product groups, and recycle frequency.

The next page of the report can be accessed by clicking on the icons on the leftmost side of the page.

Once you land on the 2nd page, you’ll see the detailed analysis of the Unit Purchase Spread By Supplier and the Unit Purchase Spread By Buyer. All these can be filtered by currency (through the buttons on the top-left corner) and by-product name (also on the top left).

The third page shows the area for improvement. These are divided into three parts — data, process and people.

Under Data, it shows points where the Unit Purchase Price and the Unit Sales Price is not completed. In most cases, the concern is about “Mixed Load”. Because of this report, it’s easier to zero in on that concern.

Clicking on the Process tab shows the Cumulative Sales vs Cumulative Margin, with a few recommendations on the left side.

As for the People tab, you’ll see a detailed table showing the Product Details, the Current Account Managers in charge, and the Recommended Account Manager. As with the other two tabs, it has recommendations on the left side.

Waste Management Profitability

The report on Waste Management Profitability gives a clear overview of profits, sales and purchases made in a waste management setting.

Power BI Showcase

It opens up to a title screen with the three sections of the report.

On the Profit page, you’ll see an overview of the Profit, Sales, Purchases and Haulage on the top, with the Top 3 and Worst 3 Products on the right side. You can actually see charts and tables detailing all these elements at the bottom. A filter on the upper left side also allows you to filter the date.

As for the Sales tab, it gives an overview of the Sales and the Units Sold, as well as the overall Monthly Sales. There are graphs visualizing the Product By Weight & Sales, Cumulative Sales, the Products, Load and Delivery Date, as well as the Top 3 Buyers and the Top 10 Products Sold. A table at the bottom left also shows the details on the Estimated Load Date, Confirmed Load Date, Estimated Weight, Default Sales and Card Sales.

Power BI Showcase

Clicking on Purchases brings you to a page that highlights the Cumulative Purchases and Suppliers By Purchases. It also shows the Top 10 Products Purchases, as well as a short summary at the middle.

Throughout the report, you’ll notice that it also has the option to change the currency (British Pound, Euro, US Dollar). It also has a ticker running on top displaying the exchange rate applied.

Waste Management Overview

The Waste Management Overview report analyzes transactions by using a snowflake model.

Power BI Showcase

The main page shows an overview of each metric, including Sales, Costs, and Profit/Loss. It has filters on top that allows users to choose a specific date range and currency.

There are also separate pages for the data in GBP, Euro and USD.

Power BI Showcase
Power BI Showcase

These pages show the Quantity Sold vs Purchases, Sales vs Other Currencies, Sales By Grade, and Sales By Buyer.

The Power BI Showcase

Power BI truly is a dynamic tool. Even in a single area like waste management, we’ve seen the many ways that Power BI can deliver specific insights that any user will need. The best part about these reports is the fact that you can use your own data to have firsthand experience on how seamlessly this tool can work for you in your own setting.

The ability to download the .pbix files to dig deep into each of these reports really makes the Power BI Showcase course worth it. But if you really want to master the ins and outs of Power BI, upgrading to full membership will give you the best value. This step will pave the way for you eventually becoming a Power BI expert.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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