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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


Center of Excellence – The Ultimate Platform For Teams

by | 12:13 am EST | November 09, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI

Power BI has given data professionals everywhere the power to optimize their data and change the way they deliver insights from it. Imagine the possibilities if entire teams and organizations were to use Power BI seamlessly! That’s where the Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence comes in.

Launched last year, we’ve been continuously finding ways to improve the experience for our Center of Excellence users. These continuous updates give you even more reasons to sign your team up for a CoE account if you haven’t already.

Regular Membership vs Center of Excellence

For individuals who want to level up their data analysis and reporting, an Enterprise DNA membership can be a game-changer. It’s the best way to learn and master Power BI and start branching off to other tools that complement Power BI’s capabilities. It gives access to on-demand courses, a vast library of pre-made reports and dashboards to use for hands-on practice, and 24/7 access to the Enterprise DNA Forum.

Members can also gain access to the Analyst Hub as an add-on. The Analyst Hub is a collection of apps that can make the report development process smoother and easier.

But when you have an entire team to transition to the use of Power BI, you’ll need a unique approach depending on your team’s specific needs and goals. This is what the Center of Excellence offers.

All the things that come with the EDNA membership are included in the CoE On-demand package. The Analyst Hub is also included and is not considered as an add-on.

Aside from that, the CoE provides customized training programs, group advisory calls, technology packages, skillset assessments, exclusive account support, and other inclusions that can help your team master the use of Power BI in your unique setting.

Here are the things you’ll get exclusively with the CoE On-demand package:

  • Customized training programs – Using your own data and goals, we’ll customize a training program that will help your team achieve the maximum possible impact on your business.
  • Group advisory calls – Get tailored guidance and support on your deployment and development work through exclusive advisory sessions with our team experts.
  • Technology packages – Gain access to some of the best-supporting technology for Power BI at discounted prices and receive support from our teams to help you maximize their use.
  • Skillset assessments and learning paths – Follow a customized learning path that will give you the best possible outcomes for the kind of work your team does. This will be based on their skill level as shown by their grade on our skillset assessments.
  • Account support – Receive continuous support from our Account and Content group as your team grows and your needs change.
  • Progress reports – Receive progress reports to see how each user is progressing and engaging with the program.
  • License reassignment – Reassign user licenses if a member of the team leaves at no additional cost.

With these unique services on top of the usual perks that come with the EDNA membership, you’ll be on your way to achieving your organizational and business goals.

How The Center Of Excellence Benefits You

The Center of Excellence caters to any team and organization regardless of what industry you’re in. It’s the perfect way to accomplish your team and business goals through unique reporting solutions, courses, and resources built for your needs.

Here’s how the Center of Excellence can benefit your team:

  • Get unique guidance and resources tailored especially for you through live virtual sessions with our subject-matter experts
  • Boost your productivity and make team collaboration seamless through the tools we created for you in the Analyst Hub
  • Get virtual support from an entire community of experts and enthusiasts through the Forum where you can post questions and answer other’s questions as well
  • Get access to unlimited resources through the Enterprise DNA On-demand Platform
  • Get access to exclusive events

Start creating a customized experience for your team now through this link.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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