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Four Pillars Of All High-Quality Power BI Solutions – Steps To Mastering Power BI & DAX

Create high quality Power BI solutions Power BI is a great suite of tools that enables business users, or anyone for that matter, to create advanced analysis on nearly any type or structure of data. But what does it really take to build high quality, what I like to call, scalable solutions with Power BI?

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Compare Actual Results to Budgets or Forecasts in Power BI

Budgeting in Power BI … unfortunately, it’s just not that easy to implement. I wish it was as easy as bringing in your actuals and your budgets and then like magic you would be able to see the performance insights you need visualized in a compelling way. That’s why I wanted to create this tutorial

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Are Margins Expanding Or Contracting? Solve in Power BI

Here I’m diving into a relatively specific insight, but by walking through exactly how I got there, you will learn so much about what you can do with Power BI and DAX. I really dive into this concept of ‘measure branching’, which I love implementing. It’s all about layering measures one on top of the

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