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Power BI Query Parameters: Optimizing Tables

Query parameters are a really strong feature in Power BI. There are many places that you can implement filters in Power BI, but on some occasions, it’s better to do this at the query layer versus the report level. You might want to create filters at the query level if you have massive tables from

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Power BI Exchange Rates: An Update To Multiple Currencies Management

***** Related Course Modules*****Advanced Analytics in Power BI Business Analytics Series Mastering DAX Calculations   ***** Related Support Forum Posts *****Multi-currencies with correct currency label Converting currency Time intelligence function inside LOOKUP (need to create the ROW by currency context inside DAX) For more exchange rates support queries to review see here….  

Calculating Average in Power BI: Isolating Weekday or Weekend Results Using DAX

Calculating an average in Power BI can be done in many ways to give you precise information for your business reports. However, sometimes calculating average sales per day may not be enough. You might run into a scenario where you only sell during weekdays. If you run an averaging pattern in Power BI and you

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Time Intelligence In Power BI: How to Calculate The Number of Transactions Made in the Last N Days

Sometimes when analyzing your Power BI reports, you may want to know how many transactions have occurred over a particular period of time. In this blog post, I’ll show you exactly how to calculate transactions within a given period of days using time intelligence in Power BI.  This post will cover a high quality piece

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Using The ALL Function In Power BI For High Quality Insights

This blog post will show you how to use the ALL function in Power BI to effectively showcase unique insights and differentials in your numbers. We’re going to dive into the average order size for the sales we may be making across a variety of different products. This tutorial will also show you how to

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