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Power BI Challenge 8 – Power BI Insights From Jira Reports

Our 8th Power BI Challenge talks about getting Power BI insights from Jira reports and data. If you’ve been following this series, you’ll know that this is another unique scenario. We aim to show that Power BI is a dynamic tool that can be used across different industries and business structures. Knowing that the prize

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Utilizing Custom Visuals For Power BI

In Power BI, there are many visualization options. One of them is custom visuals. I personally do not use custom visuals that much since they are not as reliable as the inbuilt features in Power BI. They don’t transfer very well to tablets, mobiles, and other devices. Also, they don’t enable you to have custom

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Power BI Color Themes For Uniform Visualizations

Now let’s talk about colors in your reports. This is one area where I constantly see reporting applications fail. Wrong color themes or clashing colors can make a report look messy. A proper color palette can make it look cleaner. It will also make a big difference to the consumer experience within your organization. Color

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Visualization Options In Power BI

Power BI and DAX Visualization Options

I’m going to discuss some visualization options available in Power BI that can make a huge difference to your presentation even if you’re not creatively inclined when it comes to making PowerPoint dashboards or reports. You can produce really good insights by combining the model that you have with DAX measures. We’ve already created a

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Introduction To Advanced DAX in Power BI

In this tutorial I want to show you some samples of Advanced DAX calculations in Power BI. After going through the basics, I’ll now demonstrate some advanced functions and formulas that are key to computing more complicated calculations. I won’t cover every formula or function, but instead I’ll give you an overview of a few

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