Category: Data Visualization

Managing Seasonality in Budgeting Analysis – Advanced Power BI

Completing budgeting analysis in Power BI is unfortunately just not that easy. What I’m going to go through today is possibly the most advanced technique that you can get to with budgeting as we need to incorporate some seasonality into our budgeting numbers. I detail this quite extensively in the video tutorial, so there’s lots

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Sorting By Financial Years In Power BI

I get this question a lot in many of the live trainings that I do, and it’s how can I sort my dates by the financial year. Now, obviously, not everyone’s year runs over the calendar dates or the calendar year. Your financial year might start at July, it might start in August, November, something

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Change Your Visuals Size By Ranking Logic in Power BI using DAX

Have you ever wanted to create a visualization which changes based on any ranking selection you could make? In this video, I show you exactly how to do it. Think of a scenario where you want to showcase your top 20 clients. Pretend you’re in a meeting saying, “These are the clients that are contributing

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