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Analyze Who Your Lost Customers Are Using Power BI & DAX

Use CALCULATE table function to determine the lost customers

In this example we’re going to dive into some customer churn analysis in Power BI. Power BI is an amazing tool for high-quality analytics. It does not have a close competitor at this point in time in my view. In this particular example, I’m going to show you how we can not only work out

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Calculate A Reverse Cumulative Total In Power BI Using DAX

In this example, I will show you how you can create a reverse cumulative total inside of Power BI using DAX. This question came up recently on the Enterprise DNA Support Forum. You can view this forum post here –¬†Reverse Cumulative Sum A member had a unique requirement where they needed a cumulative total from

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Showcase The Top Result Name Within A Card Visualization Using Power BI

A recent question came out of the Enterprise DNA Support Forum where a member needed to work out what was the top value that they had for a particular result. You can review the entire forum post here – Product Name as Measure for Highest Sales Product They didn’t require just any value. They actually

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How To Calculate A Cumulative Run Rate In Power BI Using DAX

With this tutorial, I want to showcase how you can calculate a cumulative run rate into the future based on some historical results. This was a requirement from the Enterprise DNA Support Forum where a member needed a forecast projection out into the future. Enabling them to compare current results to an average run rate over

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Show Results Up To Current Date Or A Specific Date In Power BI

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you a very simple technique where you can show data up to a specific date or just up to today inside of your Power BI reports. This came from a recently requested question from the Enterprise DNA Support Forum, Personally, I’ve also used this technique many times so

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