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Power BI Tips & Techniques For Accounting & Finance

When completing financial reporting analysis in Power BI, it is highly likely that you will need to integrate data from many different tables into a format or data structure that works well within the Power BI data model setup. Getting your data model right is essential. To get your data model right for financial reporting

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How To Organize Your Power BI Models – Best Practice Tips

I wanted to highlight in this post some of my best practice tips when organizing detailed Power BI models. You’ll find as you work through any development, elements of your Power BI reports will grow. This can be things like new tables of data, differing relationships between tables, an assortment of measure groups and much

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Basket Analysis Introduction – Best Practice Tips For Power BI Using DAX

Basket Analysis For Power BI Using DAX

With Basket Analysis, what we’re trying to achieve is analyzing one grouping of products versus another grouping of products.  There’s plenty of application for this across Power BI. The theory we’re trying to work through with this type of analysis is if one grouping of products is bought with another grouping of products. By running

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Using Dynamic Visuals On Ranking Based Parameters In Power BI

Through this example I’m going to show you how you can dynamically adjust the size of your visual. And in this case, we’re going to do it via the result ranking. This is a really powerful technique that you can utilize in Power BI. Never think you are limited to the standard ‘out of the

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