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Education Platform And Pricing Updates From Enterprise DNA


We have been making a lot of updates to many areas of Enterprise DNA’s education platform, resources, and applications lately.  Some of these have been mentioned before. With a lot of our latest initiatives finally taking shape in recent weeks, it has come to a point where we need to reassess and revise how our pricing works.  In this blog, I want to detail some of the reasons why we are

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Power BI Challenge 8 – Power BI Insights From Jira Reports

Our 8th Power BI Challenge talks about getting Power BI insights from Jira reports and data. If you’ve been following this series, you’ll know that this is another unique scenario. We aim to show that Power BI is a dynamic tool that can be used across different industries and business structures. Knowing that the prize

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Power BI Challenges – 7th Round Winners

The 7th round of the Power BI Challenges yielded yet another epic batch of submissions from all the participants. It does seem that this specific challenge was too much for some, as shown by the number of participants this week. As most of you probably know, we aim to cover different industries for every round.

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Enterprise DNA Update – September, 2020

A New Monthly Wrap Up From Enterprise DNA  This is the start of a new monthly review that we plan to do at Enterprise DNA for the foreseeable future.  We thought it was a good idea to start detailing a lot of the fantastic initiatives that are happening within our platform and the wider Enterprise DNA group.  This month we saw several exciting updates to a number of areas of

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Power BI Showcase – Insurance, Client Satisfaction & Optical Data Reports

Power BI Showcase – Insurance, Client Satisfaction and Optical Data Reports

Our Power BI Showcase has always proven how useful Power BI can be across different industries. In fact, we’ve launched 3 new showcases that give fresh insights, especially if you’re in the optical, insurance and client care sectors. The Enterprise DNA Power BI Showcases are amazing tools you can use in real-life scenarios. Here are

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