Author: Sam McKay, CFA

How To Use The In-Built Analytics Tools For Power BI

In this tutorial, I will run you through the built-in analytics functionality that we now have available to us in Power BI Desktop.  Already, you can create some compelling visualizations in Power BI, especially around scatter charts. But the analytics function allows us to overlay additional pieces of information into our visualizations, which allow us

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How To Detect & Showcase Outlier Results In Power BI

In this video tutorial, I’m going to show you just how amazing Power BI is as an analytical tool. I’ll take you through how you can effectively visualize outliers in your data sets. Your data doesn’t even need to be unique or customized. The great thing is that you can do this on basically any data set.

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Time Intelligence For Non Standard Date Tables In Power BI

Running time comparison type analysis on custom calendars is a little bit more complex than if you were using a standard calendar. The reason behind this is because the time intelligence functions available for custom calendars allow users to quite easily and effectively write a formula and achieve the results that they want. Unfortunately  with non-standard

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