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Upcoming Courses: SharePoint Introduction and Advanced Concepts

by | 1:37 pm EST | December 13, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI

SharePoint makes collaboration and document management more efficient. With our two new courses — SharePoint Introduction for Power BI Users and SharePoint Advanced Concepts — you can learn how to maximize the platform to your advantage.

This new course was created by one of our Enterprise DNA Experts, Henry Habib.

What is SharePoint and Why Is It Useful?

SharePoint is a web-based platform that allows users to share documents and files online. Staying true to Microsoft’s focus on developing user-friendly tools, this platform is now widely used across teams working on websites and other projects that require intensive collaboration.

sharepoint introduction

Think of SharePoint as a intranet within your team or organization. It allows you to share files and resources, deliver new information, engage with your team, and transform your business processes towards maximum efficiency and productivity.

SharePoint is especially important for teams that use Power BI. Because both are part of the Microsoft Office package, they were built to seamlessly work with each other and complement each other’s functions.

SharePoint Introduction and SharePoint Advanced Concepts

Since SharePoint covers a lot of ground, Henry has split this topic into two different courses — SharePoint Introduction for Power BI Users and SharePoint Advanced Concepts.

sharepoint introduction

SharePoint Introduction for Power BI Users lays down the basics of the platform. Some of the topics covered by this course include:

  • How to create a free 365 trial account for your organization
  • How to manage document libraries
  • How to apply versioning to your documents
  • How to create beautiful and informative web pages
  • How to modify the default design
  • How to build multiple linked team sites using site collections
sharepoint introduction

SharePoint Advanced Concepts is a great next step to those who have completed the 1st course. It is also perfect for those who already know the basics of SharePoint. Some of the topics covered by this course include:

  • How to organize and build data using SharePoint lists
  • How to manage access using permissions
  • How to explore other functionalities like customized search
  • How to build in social networking features into the team sites
  • How to automate processes within SharePoint through Power Automate
  • How to customize forms through Power Apps
  • How to integrate SharePoint with 3rd party applications

Through these two courses, you can help cement your team’s workflows and effectively improve the quality of your team’s results.

Who The Course Is For

Because of the huge impact that SharePoint can have on any type of team or organization, the two courses are perfect for anyone who wants to take their team’s collaboration and processes to the next level. This course is for those who:

  • Want to empower their teams to increase productivity and collaboration
  • Want to find a more efficient way to organize their files
  • Currently use outdated file systems
  • Are already using SharePoint but want to get more out of the tool
  • Want to automate their business processes
  • Use Power Automate and Power Apps and want to take integrations with Office 365 to a whole new level

Because the topic was conveniently divided into two, participants can decide whether to sign up for one or two courses depending on their skill level. Those who have little to no background in SharePoint can start with the 1st course, while those who are already well-versed with the basics can start with the more advanced course.

About Henry Habib

Henry Habib has a strong background in Accounting and Finance, especially in Economics.

One of our newer Enterprise DNA Experts, he is an accomplished Power Platform and Office 365 trainer and specializes in Power Apps, Power Automate, and SharePoint. He has over 100 hours of recorded content and has over 30,000 paid students across different e-learning platforms.

He has helped improve the processes and facilitated organizational change at different Fortune 500 companies specializing in finance, retail, and telecoms, among others. He also leads training and employee tool empowerment sessions for various organizations.

Both of these SharePoint courses can greatly benefit any team or organization, so don’t miss out on signing up for them. But if you want to get the best value, consider signing up for an Enterprise DNA On-Demand to gain access not just to these two courses, but to other courses and exclusive resources and events as well.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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