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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


The Enterprise DNA Membership and Center of Excellence Portals

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An Enterprise DNA membership is one of the most valuable investments for those who want to master the art of data analysis and reporting. The ultimate goal of this membership is, after all, to create the most valuable analytical thinkers and Power BI users around the world.

The Enterprise DNA Membership Portal

The Enterprise DNA Membership can be accessed through monthly and annual subscriptions. A membership gives full access to training courses, learning resources, virtual workshop replays, learning tutorials, and exclusive events reserved for members.

A membership also gives you the chance to work with experts in the field and get the support that you need for your projects. It also allows you to be part of an amazing community that encourages collaboration and shared learning.

Because we want members to enjoy the full value of their memberships, we created a membership portal that encourages efficiency and allows them to easily access everything they need.

The Membership Portal

The Membership Portal provides access to all training and tools that empower the most valuable Power BI users to expand their analytical thinking and insight generation possibilities.

Enterprise DNA membership

The portal sends users to the Learning Center in a single click, giving access to all the courses and resources that will help members expand their knowledge in creating reports and dashboard on Power BI. It also gives quick access to the Enterprise DNA Showcase, which contains reports and dashboards that members can download and practice on to see how much insights they can get from Power BI.

The Membership Portal contains event announcements, especially the ones that are exclusive to Enterprise DNA members. It also gives one-click access to the Enterprise DNA Forum, where members can ask questions, interact with other members, share ideas about Power BI and the processes and tools surrounding it, or collaborate with other members and our Power BI experts.

Also adding value to the portal is the link to the Enterprise DNA Certification. The certification is for members who have learned the ins and outs of Power BI. It allows them to market and promote themselves as experts who can deliver amazing insights using advanced techniques.

Lastly, the portal gives quick access to valuable Enterprise DNA Resources like the Power BI deployment guide, deployment checklist and implementation planner and timeline.

The Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence Portal

The Center of Excellence empowers teams to plan, manage and scale their Power BI training regardless of their size. Because we value efficiency, we have placed every single tool and resource teams need within the Center of Excellence Portal, allowing team members to access everything in one click.

The portal gives access to trainings and tools, learning resources and guides, and surveys and reports.

Trainings and Tools

The CoE Portal gives team members quick access to amazing tools and trainings that will help them expand their analytical thinking and show them immense possibilities in generating valuable insights from their data.

Through the portal, you can log in to the Learning Center, where you can access over 75 hours of training on-demand, access the Power BI Showcases, which features downloadable reports that your team can use to get hands-on practice and training, and access the Analyst Hub, which contains tools and apps that allow you to code seamlessly and make beautiful reports and dashboards to make the reporting process even more powerful.

This is also where you can check out Enterprise DNA Events that are exclusive to team members and other Center of Excellence users or get one-click access to the Enterprise DNA forum where other Power BI users ranging from beginners to experts collaborate and exchange tips and tricks on how they jump through reporting issues and challenges.

Learning Resources and Guides

Our learning resources and guides allow you to train your team members the way you want, preparing them for your unique business needs.

The Skills Guides showcase a variety of industries and business systems where you can choose which guides apply to your team the most. Then, you can go through the Learning Map and follow the progression of skills needed to power up your team.

The portal also contains assessments that show you where your team members currently are in terms of Power BI knowledge. The Skills Assessment allows you to evaluate their current knowledge so that you can properly strategize their training journey. For team members who know the ins and out of Power BI including the advanced techniques, they can showcase their mastery through the Certification Testing.

The CoE Resources in the portal also give you strategies for data analysts and deployment frameworks for data leaders.

Surveys and Reports

The final section in the portal leads to surveys and reports that help you evaluate your team’s readiness to start applying their knowledge in the real world.

The Readiness survey checks if your team is ready to build a data culture for you to deploy Power BI successfully. On the other hand, the Deployment survey allows you to plan and assess your deployment requirements in terms of data management and insights distribution. It aims to identify where and how improvements can be made on your data management and reporting.

The Pulse Survey is more long-term and recurring, giving constant feedback on whether data culture goals are still being met.

Get your Enterprise DNA Membership now and start your journey towards being the ultimate Power BI expert. If you want your entire team to benefit from Power BI, sign up for the Center of Excellence and see the huge difference it makes on your team and business.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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