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Dynamic Segmentation With Dynamic Parameters – Advanced Power BI & DAX Technique

Dynamic Segmentation With Dynamic Parameters - Advanced Power BI & DAX Technique

I’m going to talk about dynamic segmentation using dynamic parameters because I’ve seen members ask about it so many times on the Enterprise DNA support forum. What’s challenging about this is figuring out which areas to segment first. You would also have to find a way to feed dynamic parameters into your formula. I’m going

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Using Advanced DAX For Multiple IF Statement In Power BI

In this article, I’m going to give you a tutorial about utilizing multiple IF statements in Power BI. This short tutorial is from a specific thread in the Enterprise DNA Support Forum. In the Enterprise DNA Support Forum, members ask questions and get assistance about everything and anything related to Power BI. It’s great to

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Sensitivity Analysis Examples in Power BI

Sensitivity Analysis Logic Using DAX in Power BI

I want to dive deeper and show you the ways of implementing some sensitivity analysis examples in your Power BI model. Sensitivity analysis is a very important financial model. It helps businesses in predicting the outcome of a certain scenario, like customer and cost changes, to the overall gains of company. In a previous tutorial

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Getting Started With The “What If” Parameter In Power BI

The possibilities of using the What If parameter in Power BI is deemed endless. It gives users and businesses the flexibility to design a solution for the critical answers and insights that they need. In the recent Enterprise DNA learning summit, we had a successful session regarding the usage and implementation of What If Parameter

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Forecasting Product Demand Using Power BI Analysis Techniques

In this tutorial I run through some great scenario analysis techniques and demonstrate how you can combine several of them in Power BI. I’m talking about forecasting product demand. Power BI is an amazing tool for data analysis when you can implement techniques like this one. Take a situation where you want to analyze future

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