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Power BI ‘What-If’ Parameter Feature

Power BI New Feature What If Parameters

Power BI What-If parameters are a really powerful feature to implement in your models for scenario analysis. Scenario analysis is immensely important from an analytical perspective in Power BI and ‘What-If’ parameters allow you to quickly implement tables and measures for this type of analytics. Once you select the What-If parameter icon, it opens a

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Using Multi-Layered Scenario Analysis in Power BI

I’m huge on scenario analysis in Power BI. Being able to input variables inside your calculations that you can ‘shock’ to effectively predict outcomes is so powerful when trying to make decisions. In Power BI you can complete this really efficiently, and you can combine many of the formula techniques with your data models and

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How To Start Using ‘What If’ Parameters Inside Power BI

How To Start Using 'What If' Parameters Inside Power BI

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can get started with ‘What If’ parameters inside of Power BI. Using this great feature will require you to spend some time thinking quite deeply about the data setup that you currently have in your data model. ‘What If’ parameters have to work over certain values

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