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Power BI Data Visualization Tips For KPI Trends Analysis

In this tutorial, I’ll show you a Power BI data visualization technique on highlighting KPI (key performance indicators) trends in your report. The data and dashboard I’m using for this demonstration was part of the Enterprise DNA Learning Summit in 2018. You can incorporate this technique in your own reports inside Power BI. It’s a

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Power BI Visualization Technique: Learn How To Create Background Design Plates

Here’s a Power BI visualization technique that you can utilize within your reports by using large images in the background. In a lot of demos I have created and showcased during the Enterprise DNA webinar series or learning summits, I always put a lot of effort in the visualization. I always put shapes in my

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New vs Existing Customers – Advanced Analytics In Power BI

If you’re an online retailer or a high frequency sales operation, then understanding your customer base, like if they are new customers or existing customers, is a really high quality insight that you can achieve using advanced analytics in Power BI. You’ll want to dive into this type of analysis because you need to evaluate

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