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New Enterprise DNA Course: Advanced Visualization Techniques

A two-part course, Advanced Visualization Techniques can help Power BI users maximize the impact of their reports by more effectively communicating complex analyses through the use of a wide range of visuals, creating an intuitive user experience, and developing an attention-grabbing visual style. This course was created by Mudassir Ali, one of our Enterprise DNA

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Color Hex Codes Picker For Power BI Reports


I stumbled across a tool that is just so good and useful for some really common tasks in power BI when creating reports and visuals. It’s a color hex codes picker that you can use to easily get the colors for your Power BI reports. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at

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Making A Metric Selection Slicer In Power BI

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a metric selection slicer in Power BI. A selection slicer lets you choose what values you want your dashboard to show. You can switch to the data you want to see without compromising other results. It organizes the values and visuals depending on what you would like

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Visualization Options In Power BI

Power BI and DAX Visualization Options

I’m going to discuss some visualization options available in Power BI that can make a huge difference to your presentation even if you’re not creatively inclined when it comes to making PowerPoint dashboards or reports. You can produce really good insights by combining the model that you have with DAX measures. We’ve already created a

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