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Power BI Dashboard Designs: Visuals And Effects

An effective dashboard design presents data in a concise, engaging, and powerful way. The presentation of data should not just be visually pleasing. It should also be easy for the target audience to comprehend. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss some ideas on how we can be creative with visualizations for our Power BI dashboard designs.

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Visualization Options In Power BI

Power BI and DAX Visualization Options

I’m going to discuss some visualization options available in Power BI that can make a huge difference to your presentation even if you’re not creatively inclined when it comes to making PowerPoint dashboards or reports. You can produce really good insights by combining the model that you have with DAX measures. We’ve already created a

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Power BI Visuals: Change Size By Ranking Logic

Have you ever wanted to create a visualization that changes based on any ranking selection you could make? You can actually change the size of your Power BI visuals by ranking logic. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. Think of a scenario where you want to

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