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Fixing Incorrect Totals Using DAX Measures In Power BI

Getting totals correct inside Power BI reports can sometimes be the most frustrating thing when utilizing DAX measures. You might probably get into certain situations where your Totals for DAX measures aren’t adding up the way you want them to.  DAX measures can be based on standard aggregation functions, such as COUNT or SUM. These

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New Customer Analysis Using Advanced DAX

Not too long ago, I completed an entire scenario method session for members of Enterprise DNA. I worked on an entire session which encompassed many types of analysis including lost customers, steady customers and new customer analysis.  All of them involved great analytical work in order to maximize the business potential of this customer data.

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Master Virtual Tables in Power BI Using DAX

In this blog post, I’ll run through a truly powerful analytical technique which I’m confident will WOW anyone. Virtual tables are a unique analytical technique that you can use to visualize interesting insights inside Power BI. The example I’ll show is just one of the many techniques you can apply. I use the term “algorithms”

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