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Discover The INTERSECT Function In DAX And How To Utilize It – Power BI Tutorial

The INTERSECT function in Power BI is an advanced table function and to understand how it works, you will want to get much better at understanding virtual tables. Virtual tables are a key concept when utilizing DAX measures within Power BI. What the INTERSECT function does specifically is that it allows you to – within a

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Calculate The Total Of New Clients You’re Onboarding Every Month – Advanced DAX

In this example, I want to showcase how many new customers we have every month. It is certainly open to debate what you would classify as a “new customer” based on your organization or industry. However, regardless of your definition, the technique will be very similar to the example that I will walk you through.

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How To Understand Virtual Tables Inside Iterating Function In Power BI – DAX Concepts

I’m going to cover a very interesting topic around virtual tables, and how you can utilize them in Power BI within iterating functions. If you didn’t know it yet virtual tables are the essential ingredient to creating advanced logic inside of Power BI. A lot of the power of these virtual tables comes when you

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