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Power BI Formula Syntax, Comments, And Variables

Today, we are diving into what you could do in the Power BI formula bar in terms of syntax, comments, and variables. These are all very important techniques that you could use in your work patterns. But before we jump into Power BI formulas, I’ll show you how I sort my Dates column within my

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Creating A Currency Conversion Table In Power BI

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to create a currency conversion table for Sales in Power BI using DAX measures. Using this technique, we would only need to create a simple slicer to convert a currency to another. This is especially useful when dealing with data containing multiple currencies in Power BI. For

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Why Using Power BI Variables Is A Better Way To Write DAX Measures

Why Using Variables Is A Better Way To Write DAX Measures - Power BI Admin Advice

Using variables is a great way to make sure that your results add up the way they should at the end of your measures. Variables are such a crucial part of writing and solving formulas inside Power BI and I’m going to show you why. Sample Data Visualized In Gantt Chart To showcase the importance

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How To Calculate Difference In Days Between Purchases Using DAX In Power BI

You’ll learn in this tutorial how to calculate difference in days between purchases using DAX in Power BI. This topic came from the Enterprise DNA support forum and I’ll show you how I solved it. This is an interesting scenario and quite common in the business world. In this example, we’re looking at a customer

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