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VertiPaq Power BI: How Columns Are Encoded

VertiPaq Power BI- How Columns Are Encoded

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the methods of encoding columns using VertiPaq in Power BI. You’ll understand how each method works and how it affects the performance of your DAX. Each method has its own style of compressing data so that it can give you faster and smoother transactions. Value Encoding With VertiPaq In

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Creating a Dynamic Date Query Table in Power BI: A Query Editor Tutorial

One question I got from the Enterprise DNA forum revolves around an addition to the date query table. This addition prevents you from having to manually filter data to the last date every time new data comes in. This can be helpful if you’re working on an ongoing report. You may watch the full video

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Complete Refresh For Ultimate Beginners Guide To DAX

Recently, we’ve put the finishing touches on this course module and completed a comprehensive upgrade to the Ultimate Beginners Guide to DAX course module.  This is a completely free course available to anyone connected to Enterprise DNA.  To enroll in this course now, check out the link below.  Ultimate Beginners Guide to DAX There’s been quite a few changes to Power BI over the last 12 to 18

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