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Analyze Profit Margin Changes Overtime – Analytics with Power BI and DAX

In this blog post, I will show a really unique and specific example where I’m going to hone in on how you can combine lots of the techniques that I’ve described in many previous tutorials to come up with profit margin changes. These are techniques like Measure Branching, Trend Analysis, and DAX Formula Combinations. What

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Using Moving Averages To Show Trends in Power BI

In this blog post, I want to dive into trend analysis. Specifically, how to highlight trends in Power BI really effectively using moving averages. The concepts that I go through here are techniques you might have already touched on yourself in the past. But I wanted to show how important it is from a visualization perspective

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See Changing Results Using Calculated Columns In Power BI

In this tutorial, I’m going to run through a number of great analytical techniques that you can combine and use within Power BI. For your organization, you may want to understand what’s happening or what is causing the underlying adjustments or changes to your data and results. I will show you in this tutorial some

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Power BI Trend Analysis: Are Margins Expanding Or Contracting?

In this blog post, I will be diving into a relatively specific insight by conducting a Power BI trend analysis. By walking through exactly how I got there, you will learn so much about what you can do with Power BI and DAX. I really dive into this concept of measure branching, which I love

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How To Do Trend Analysis In Power BI Using DAX

Power BI Tracking and Visualizing Trends

Showing trends and how they change over time can add a lot of value to your consumers and decision makers. In this post, I will show how to use conditional formatting inside Power BI tables to showcase this insight really well. Obviously to show a trend analysis in Power BI, we actually need to calculate

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