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Show Last N Sales Of A Customer Only Using Power BI

We are going to go through quite an advanced tutorial here utilizing┬áDAX formulas in Power BI What I want to show you is how we can work out; how many sales we have made from a specific customer….but, we only want to look at the last three sales or last N number of sales rather

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Using Ranking DAX Measures To Extract Unique Insights In Power BI

In this example, I wanted to analyse something really practical. I wanted to work out the total sales of my top 3 salespeople based in any region. A really interesting insight, right? It might seem relatively intuitive but actually implementing this inside of Power BI is not that easy. You need to understand how to

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Discover Unique Insights Using TOPN in Power BI

In this video, I wanted to find an insight that was really unique, and hugely valuable for business. I wanted to know the best-selling day for every single product. Not only that, I wanted to be able to look dynamically into any store and analyse the best-selling day for every single product that each store

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