When To Use TOPN In Power BI – A DAX Formula Review

This tutorial will review how to use TOPN as a virtual ranking function to generate interesting insights based on ranking logic in Power BI. Using TOPN as a virtual ranking function allows you to dynamically produce the top and bottom results for any measure. This example will show how to work out the locations that

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Dynamic Segmentation With Dynamic Parameters – Advanced Power BI & DAX Technique

Dynamic Segmentation With Dynamic Parameters - Advanced Power BI & DAX Technique

I’m going to talk about dynamic segmentation using dynamic parameters because I’ve seen members ask about it so many times on the Enterprise DNA support forum. What’s challenging about this is figuring out which areas to segment first. You would also have to find a way to feed dynamic parameters into your formula. I’m going

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First Purchase of Customer Insight Using DAX

I have another really unique insight to show to you in Power BI. After this session, you’ll be able to identify a customer’s first purchase and use this data to boost your future sales. By analyzing a trend in terms of the first product that customers are purchasing, you can: (1) change our marketing efforts;

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Find Your Top Products For Each Region in Power BI Using DAX

If you are a business selling products in many different stores or across many different regions, then you will want to understand if there is any commonality in your top or bottom selling products. You would want to discover your top products per region. In this example, I run through how you can find your

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Ranking Insights Using TOPN In Power BI

In this article, we will explore how we can use the TOPN function in Power BI. You will really enjoy seeing the immense amount of ways that you can utilize this function. TOPN is such a powerful function and there are so many little nuances in how it operates in different contexts. I’m going to

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