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Compare Data Points From Different Timeframes In One Visualization – Power BI

Compare Data Points From Different Timeframes In One Visualization - Power BI

In this blog I’ll show you how you can compare data from different timeframes within the same visualization. You can get amazing Power BI insights using this great technique with time-related DAX. I discovered this approach from the Enterprise DNA Forum. One of the members actually suggested this technique as a solution to a question

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DAX MAXX Function In Power BI – Discover Last Date

I’m going to share a quick and efficient formula around the DAX MAXX function in Power BI. In this example calculation, I’ll show you how to find the last date something occurred using MAXX, which is an iterating function. I’ve seen a lot of people asking about this on the Enterprise DNA forum. A big

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Adding Time Intelligence To Customer Dashboards In Power BI


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a customer dashboard more intuitive using time intelligence in Power BI. This is the second step when creating a customer deep dive dashboard. When creating visualizations, you’ll most likely have to compare different time periods. This could be a comparison between the cumulative sales for two simultaneous years. So, you need to start writing more complex

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Power BI CALCULATE: Key To Advanced DAX Formulas

Now we are going to dive into the CALCULATE function in Power BI. We have already used the function many times but this is where I want to discuss it in detail. Getting The Sales Last Year With CALCULATE The CALCULATE function allows you to change the context of a calculation within a measure wherein

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Calculate Workdays Between Two Dates In Power BI

Calculating Workdays Between Two Dates in Power BI

I’m going to show you how to calculate workdays between two dates either with the holidays counted or without the holidays. This is a topic that’s been asked over and over again on the Enterprise DNA Forum. I also believe that this will be a great way to close this Time Intelligence series, knowing that

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