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Turning Calendar Type Layout Into Tabular Format In Power BI Using Query Editor

Turn Calendar Type Layout Into Tabular Format In Power BI Query Editor Tutorial

Analyzing the data that we have can be difficult if it is not correctly arranged. In this tutorial, I will explain how to transform vertical and horizontal repeated data into a tabular format. We do this so that we can have an easier time analyzing it using Power BI. This tutorial was made to address

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Top Customer Per Product – Power BI Analysis

This tutorial involves finding out your top customer per product using an advanced Power BI analysis. This example perfectly shows how Power BI can generate practical insights once you utilize it effectively. There’s just no other tool out there that’s as versatile and flexible as Power BI. In Power BI, you can quickly and easily

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Optimizing Your Power BI Formula Using Advanced DAX Functions

I’ll go over some interesting concepts that involve using several table functions to optimize your Power BI formula. I’m going to use an example from the Enterprise DNA Support Forum where one of the members asked if it’s possible to add a filter while using the SUMMARIZE function. This is quite common for scenarios when

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Effective Ways To Use The GROUPBY Function In Power BI

In this insightful tutorial, I want to feature the GROUPBY function in Power BI. I’ll demonstrate the different ways that you can use this DAX function. Honestly, I haven’t used the GROUPBY function too often, mainly because there are several ways to solve things in Power BI using other table functions. For instance, I’ve used

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New Customer Analysis Using Advanced DAX

Not too long ago, I completed an entire scenario method session for members of Enterprise DNA. I worked on an entire session which encompassed many types of analysis including lost customers, steady customers and new customer analysis.  All of them involved great analytical work in order to maximize the business potential of this customer data.

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