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Using Advanced DAX For Multiple IF Statement In Power BI

In this article, I’m going to give you a tutorial about utilizing multiple IF statements in Power BI. This short tutorial is from a specific thread in the Enterprise DNA Support Forum. In the Enterprise DNA Support Forum, members ask questions and get assistance about everything and anything related to Power BI. It’s great to

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Data Segmentation Techniques Based On Any Measure – Advanced DAX

Data Segmentation Techniques Based On Any Measure - Advanced DAX

This tutorial will outline a few data segmentation techniques based on any measure that you can easily apply to your reports. Data segmentation is a unique way of looking at your data. When you use this technique, you can easily break out your top and worst sales data. Several courses and downloadable resources on segmentation

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How To Use SWITCH True Logic In Power BI

When utilizing SWITCH/True Logic inside Power BI, you really do open up this huge expanse of analytical opportunities. In this tutorial, I’ll run through how you need to set up your formulas when using the SWITCH function. This will enable you to find, discover, and visualize many different and interesting insights within Power BI. There

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Customer Segmentation Techniques Using The Data Model – Power BI & DAX

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to do customer segmentation techniques via the data model in Power BI. Sometimes your raw data will not have all the information you require to showcase something in Power BI. But don’t let this stop you. All you require is an imagination around how you

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How To Create Unique Financial Year Quarters Using A Calculated Column

If you had the opportunity to view the detailed date table tutorial that I ran through in a previous post, you will find that most of the supporting date columns like months, quarters, and financial years are generally made up for a standard calendar date table. In a lot of cases though, you need to

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