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Power Query: Combine Files from Multiple Folders

Power Query Combine Files from Multiple Folders

For this post, we’ll be doing work in power query, combine files from multiple folders in our network, desktop, OneDrive, or SharePoint. In this example, we have three CSV files in a folder and the data looks like this: We will be using power query in Excel, which works exactly the same as power query

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Wiki Page In SharePoint | What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know Wiki Page In SharePoint

SharePoint offers different types of pages to users. It’s essential to know how and when you might need to use a particular page type. In this blog, we’ll discuss the Wiki page in SharePoint and how we can create one. Similar to Wikipedia, a wiki is designed for a group of users to quickly store,

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How To Parse Emails & Populate SharePoint Lists In Power Automate

how to parse emails & populate sharepoint lists

A common use-case of Power Automate is to automate workflows that begin with the receipt of emails. For example, [receive email] à [do action]. In order to do this, we need to know how to parse data within emails, and how to add/save any email attachments. In this tutorial, I’ll explain this concept with a

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SharePoint Sites: A Brief Overview

In this tutorial, we’ll describe what SharePoint sites are. We’ll also discuss how they work and what they can do to make collaboration in an organization more efficient. Moreover, we’ll have a quick discussion about the difference between modern and classic SharePoint. A SharePoint site is a shared website or a platform where team members

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