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Power Query: Combine Files from Multiple Folders

Power Query Combine Files from Multiple Folders

For this post, we’ll be doing work in power query, combine files from multiple folders in our network, desktop, OneDrive, or SharePoint. In this example, we have three CSV files in a folder and the data looks like this: We will be using power query in Excel, which works exactly the same as power query

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SharePoint Site Library Settings | An Overview

SharePoint Site Library Settings

A document library is always automatically created whenever we create a site in SharePoint. We can customize a library and control how users can view, manage, and create documents, or even track versions of files. In this tutorial, we’ll talk about how we can configure the SharePoint site library settings. A document library in SharePoint

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Adding Document Library In SharePoint

Add a New Document Library

Document library provides a location on our SharePoint site where we can safely store our files, create, update, and share them with other users within our organization. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the two ways on how to add a new document library in SharePoint. A SharePoint document library helps us manage our files for

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View Formatting In SharePoint

Metadata - Formatting Views

The View Formatting feature in Sharepoint allows users to customize how items in SharePoint lists and libraries are displayed. In this tutorial, we’ll talk about creating our own formatting views rule to improve the display of views in SharePoint.  When formatting a view, we can highlight or accent certain rows or columns depending on a

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