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Reports For Retail Sales Performance In Power BI

In this Power BI Showcase, we’ll be reviewing retail site performance reports in Power BI. We’re looking at a sizeable business located on the East Coast of the US. We’re getting the metrics of all the retail sites which includes some main states and cities. DOWNLOAD FILES USED IN THIS ARTICLE Retail Sites Performance Overview

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Showing Sales Growth In Power BI Reports

In this Power BI Showcase, we’ll go through reports showing the Sales Growth analysis of a large organization. These reports use large amounts of current and historical financial data to create analysis on the sources of Revenue. For this example, we also want to know where our Sales growth is coming from. Using the dynamic

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Data Visualization in Power BI: Showcasing Sales Performance Effectively

I want to show you some data visualization techniques in Power BI to create a compelling dashboard. If you’re a business that sells something, you definitely want to showcase your sales performance really effectively. In this tutorial, I work through many different techniques that you can throw together within Power BI to extract really high

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