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How To Make A Compelling Consumer Goods Sales Dashboard In Power BI


In previous tutorials, you learned how to create a consumer goods sales dashboard from scratch in Power BI. For this session, you’ll learn how to make the dashboard look better and more compelling. Changing The Background Color The first thing is changing the background color. A white background doesn’t make things stand out enough. In

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Power BI Design – Best Practice Tips For Dashboards

Power BI Design - Best Practice Tips For Dashboards

In this tutorial, I’ll run through my seven Power BI design best practices for dashboarding. This is a snapshot of the reports you’ll be developing inside the Dashboarding and Data Visualization Intensive course in Enterprise DNA. These seven best practices are what I use in every report that I create in Power BI regardless of

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8th Power BI Challenge Now Wrapped Up – Jira IT Service Desk Analysis

Time flies when you’re having fun, especially if the fun comes from solving a Power BI Challenge! Just like that, we’re done with yet another round, and the submissions were insightful and creative, as always. The 7th round was about purchases, inventory and sales. This time, we challenged our participants to work on a problem

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Showcase Report In Power BI Using DAX Techniques

In this tutorial, I’ll show you a number of techniques that you can apply in showcasing your report in Power BI after learning various DAX functions. A thorough knowledge of important DAX functions can level up your data presentation. There are different ways to showcase your report in Power BI. But there’s certainly a great

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Visualization Technique for Power BI: Using Dark Backgrounds

In this tutorial, we go through a simple but very important visualization concept for Power BI, which is to use dark backgrounds for reports and dashboards. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. As you have probably seen with the Power BI reports that I create, I’m big

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