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Power BI Features In The eDNA Showcase

Power BI Features In The eDNA Showcase - Enterprise DNA

In today’s blog, we will go through the recent reports added to the Enterprise DNA Showcase. These reports use cool and innovative Power BI features and techniques, which we hope can inspire you when creating your next Power BI report. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog.

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Intro To Paginated Reports – New Course At Enterprise DNA

When it comes to report development, the way you analyze, transform and visualize your data is just one part of the process. Possibly an even more important aspect would be the way end viewers see the report. This is where paginated reports come in handy. In this new course by Sue Bayes, data professionals will

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Power BI Challenge 16 – Consultancy Time and Earnings Analysis

We saw so many amazing submissions on the 15th round of our Power BI Challenges, so we’re excited to see what everyone’s going to show us as we start the 16th round. Previously, we did a challenge about Formula 1 Analysis. This time, let’s see how we can use Power BI for something that every

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New On Power BI Showcase – Formula 1 Analysis

If you’re a Formula 1 fan, the past few weeks were probably an emotional roller coaster ride for you with the mix of excitement and frustration (with a tinge of controversy here and there). But looking at these races from a data point of view, some of the Formula 1 numbers do make a great

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New On Power BI Showcase – Emergency Services Analytics

Emergency services is one of the most critical industries in the world today and analyzing processes related to it can help zero in on opportunities to make it more efficient. With these new entries to our Power BI Showcase, you can see unique and creative ways to do this. The Power BI Showcase is a

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