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Data Storytelling And Important Questions To Ask

Data Storytelling And Important Questions To Ask - Enterprise DNA

When it comes to data storytelling, there are three important factors to consider to make sure that our report tells the right story — the user, the context, and the solution. These factors are critical because they describe the purpose of each report. In a previous tutorial, we described data storytelling as the process of

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Data Visualization Report Template With PowerPoint | Part 1

Data Visualization Report Template With PowerPoint Part 1 - Enterprise DNA

For this series, I will walk you through on how you can create a beautiful data visualization report template with the help of PowerPoint. The process I will discuss here will speed up your own Power BI development. Let’s be honest. Many people struggle with creating templates for their Power BI reports inside their organization.

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Power BI Data Predevelopment Setup Checklist

The first pillar of Power BI development is data loading and data transformations. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the 12 Power BI data predevelopment items you need to set up and remember before creating your report. This checklist is important to do prior to anything else as it ensures a smooth report development. Make

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Power BI Challenge 16 – Consultancy Time and Earnings Analysis

We saw so many amazing submissions on the 15th round of our Power BI Challenges, so we’re excited to see what everyone’s going to show us as we start the 16th round. Previously, we did a challenge about Formula 1 Analysis. This time, let’s see how we can use Power BI for something that every

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New On Power BI Showcase – Emergency Services Analytics

Emergency services is one of the most critical industries in the world today and analyzing processes related to it can help zero in on opportunities to make it more efficient. With these new entries to our Power BI Showcase, you can see unique and creative ways to do this. The Power BI Showcase is a

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