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When To Use TOPN In Power BI – A DAX Formula Review

This tutorial will review how to use TOPN as a virtual ranking function to generate interesting insights based on ranking logic in Power BI. Using TOPN as a virtual ranking function allows you to dynamically produce the top and bottom results for any measure. This example will show how to work out the locations that

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Adding Workday And Weekend Numbers Into Your Date Table: Time Intelligence Technique In Power BI

This is a very unique example of Time Intelligence in Power BI, especially when working with workdays and weekends. This tutorial came ftom a request from the Enterprise DNA Support Forum, where a member needed to get the day for each weekday and the day of each weekend into their Date table. I’ve seen this

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Advanced DAX For Power BI: Implementing Ranking Logic Across Unique Insights

Here, we’re going to dive into Advanced DAX in Power BI. The idea behind this tutorial is to show you how we can get to a very unique insight with Power BI, but do it in an intuitive way. In this example, I’m going to focus in on margin growth in the sales of an

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