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Reports For Retail Sales Performance In Power BI

In this Power BI Showcase, we’ll be reviewing retail site performance reports in Power BI. We’re looking at a sizeable business located on the East Coast of the US. We’re getting the metrics of all the retail sites which includes some main states and cities. Retail Sites Performance Overview This report contains an overview of

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Logistics Insights For Power BI – DAX And Data Modeling Overview

Logistics Insights For Power BI - DAX And Data Modeling Overview

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create logistics analysis using inactive relationships in Power BI to generate valuable insights for your business. This is a breakout session from an Enterprise DNA Learning Summit. You will learn all about the calculation logic and the reason why you need to utilize it to get insights from

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Power BI Analysis Using DAX: How Many Unique Products A Customer Bought

In this Power BI analysis example, we’re going to generate a unique insight where we’re going to evaluate all our customers and see how many unique products they bought. I’ll show you how to analyze this over time and use anything in the data model.  For this Power BI analysis, we’ll evaluate the data in

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