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PowerApps Views And Forms: How To Create And Customize

Creating Custom Views and Forms

In this tutorial, we’re going to talk about how to create and customize PowerApps views and forms. Views and forms are both important in any model-driven app. The views control what the end user sees, which is helpful in narrowing down item lists especially if you have a lot of data loaded into the app.

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PowerApps Screen: Editing And Updating

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the different things that we can do in the PowerApps screen for Edit. We’ll also understand how the Update property works and how to use textboxes. PowerApps offers lots of options that users can use inside PowerApps screens such as modifying textbox properties and using the Update property. Editing Records

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PowerApps Form: Adding And Modifying Fields

This tutorial is for associating entity fields to a PowerApps form for a business process flow. We’ll be creating a form that’ll serve as a way for users to input data into an entity or table. It’ll allow users to have a UI that they can use to enter their details and submit it.  Remember

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