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Power Query: Combine Files from Multiple Folders

Power Query Combine Files from Multiple Folders

For this post, we’ll be doing work in power query, combine files from multiple folders in our network, desktop, OneDrive, or SharePoint. In this example, we have three CSV files in a folder and the data looks like this: We will be using power query in Excel, which works exactly the same as power query

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Proportion And Frequency Tables In Excel


In this tutorial, we’re going to dive into frequency tables in Excel as well as proportion tables. We’ll look into what they are and when to use them. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. Categorical variables measure “what kind of something,” whether it’s a customer’s buying

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Power Query Best Practices For Your Data Model


Power Query is used to prepare each of the tables loaded into the data model. Hence, it’s fundamental that the tables, fields, and measures in the data model should be uncomplicated and user-friendly. In this tutorial, let’s talk about some Power Query best practices for our data model, some of its features, and why we

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Get Power BI Previous Week Values Using DAX & Power Query

Retrieving previous period values in Power BI is a common task, but retrieving previous week values requires some special attention. In this tutorial, I’ll discuss two straightforward and versatile methods for obtaining Power BI previous week values that can be useful additions to your toolbox, one using DAX and another one using Power Query. You

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Microsoft Power Query Tutorial On How To Fix Mixed Fixed Column Width Issues

Mudassir: For today, we have a very interesting problem to work with. The problem with this file is that it is fixed delimited by columns and I don’t know how to resolve this using Microsoft Power Query. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. First, it wasn’t

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