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Live Dashboarding Makeover Session In Power BI – Review And How To Download Resources

Super session today for all those who attended live. Had a great turn out of over 100 to the event live so glad to see and interact with you all there. I thought I would do a quick review of what was covered for all those who couldn’t attend and for those that may want

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Enterprise DNA Webinar Series – Dashboard Makeover Session in Power BI

I’m really looking forward to this session, as it’s going to be a great opportunity to showcase some of my new dashboarding and visualisation techniques, that have become my own best practices. Many actually appear inside my latest course release – Dashboard and Data Visualisation Intensive, where I dive into comprehensive dashboard and reporting development,

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Discover Your Top Products Per Region in Power BI w/DAX

If you are a business selling products in many different stores or across lot of different regions you will want to understand if there is any commonality in your top or bottom selling products. In this example I run through how you can find your top 2 products using DAX calculations in Power BI to

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Find Your Top 3 Salespeople Per Region Automatically in Power BI using DAX

Picture this all too familiar scenario…. You are in a meeting and asked, for example, about your sales territories… Who are your top three sales people in each territory? Drilling deeper, what are they selling, when are they selling it and how much? What if there was a dynamic way to uncover such insights that

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